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K. Smith

"great chef, very personable, talked us through the cooking process, gave us some cooking tips, amazing experience"

M. Blackburn

"Being served each meal was incredible. Our chef explained what was in each item, and in some instances where the ingredients came from. The presentation was first class, even adding chocolate shavings to the dessert. This was used for our first anniversary and we would certainly do it again."

L. Asaro

"The best filet mignon I've ever had. 10/10. Chef Ajeen was very patient with us poking our noses in and asking questions."

S. Jordan-Knox

"Lisa was such a pleasure to have in our home.  Every moment to the random questions I had about preparing the food to just the over all conversation.  The food was beyond anything we could of hoped for.  I was ready to adopt her into our family.  We loved every bite and the experience.  My friends couldn't stop talking about it the next day.  Her fresh and healthy take on food was refreshing and made us crave more.  We will definitely do this again. And we will request her if possible.  Thank you so much for making an amazing experience for my husbands birthday.  We are now talking about wanting to do this again very soon.  There was no highlights.  The whole experience was the full highlight."

D. Stula

"Michelle was very professional we felt like we were in the best restaurant.  You really should be proud that you have that chef on staff.  Fantastic. Overall we had the best time. 10/10."

C. patterson

"I can not thank you and Chef Experience for one of the most memorable evenings in my life.  We had a dinner for four and it was perfect, thanks to Chef Karen.  Karen was very professional and enjoyable.   I couldn't have asked for a better chef. She matched our personality.  I will highly recommend chef Experiences to all of my friends and family.  Once again thank you for having a GREAT company.  And CHEERS to Karen. 10/10"

B. Glave

""I have just said good-night to 3 very happy guests, they enjoyed an excellent meal prepared by [your Chef].  Even though, [the Chef] was busy preparing our meal, he took time out to answer all the ladies questions as to preparation and ingredients.  We were very impressed when our beef was served to our exact specification as all four of us chose different timing.  The meal was perfect, the presentation was artistic and we all ageed that we would go for another culinary adventure but only with [the Chef] as he made the experience a huge success.  My daughter, who gave me the gift certificate for Xmas, called to see how the evening went and I was very pleased to tell her it was the best present ever."


"The [Chef] allowed me to stay in the kitchen and watch him prepare the meal. Since I avidly watch cooking shows on television, it was a highlight to interact with a real chef ! 10/10"

J. Bennett

"[Our Chef] was outstanding.....he was very personable, knowledgeable, patient and an excellent instructor (I would highly recommend him to friends). 10/10"

R. Lentino

"It was great to hear the insight as to why certain steps were taken during the preparation. This information is not typically found in cook books so it was welcomed. 10/10"

C. Bailey

"Robyn has a great sense of humour and was easy to be around. She was professional and the food was very good. All of us enjoyed it very much. I would recommend her and [Chef Experiences] again."

J. Gillespie

"It was a great night overall. and a great experience. I think the highlight of the evening was seeing the time and energy that Richard had put into the evening. We learned a lot from him, and enjoyed the food!"

R. Philips

"He was very easy to talk to. The stuffed pasta and seafood dish was amazing. Same with the poached pear and creme brulee"

I. Jabusch

"The whole experience was exceptional - the chef, the food and the service."

A. Hayes

I sat down with a glass of champagne and listened to music while waiting for my guests!

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