team-building services

A strong business needs a strong, cohesive team, who can work effectively and efficiently together, taking your business boldly forward. Allow our experienced top Chefs take your key personnel on a culinary adventure that will inspire, entertain and bring about a better understanding.

From peeling and chopping to stirring and plating, your team will work together, from start to finish, under the skilled guidance of our Chefs and their sous-chefs. Cooking techniques will be explained in a fun, but informative, atmosphere.  At the end of the event, everyone will come together to enjoy the fruits of their labour.  That's what teamwork is all about! 

Wine pairing seminars can also be incorporated into the event.  Our network of sommeliers and wineries who will discuss the perfect wine pairings with the dishes that have been prepared.

From an evening event to a full weekend of cooking, we will assist you with developing a team-building event that will get results!

Top Chef Services

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top chef services