mise en place service:
Don't you just love cooking! Creating mouthwatering dishes for friends or family or experimenting with new flavour combinations can be a fun, rewarding and relaxing activity. Cooking can be an outlet for creativity, a way to spend time with your children or a source for relaxation.

However, with today's busy lifestyle, time restraints can make it difficult to cook as often as we like. Our top Chefs provide a mise-en-place service, taking care of all of the preparation for cooking, from grocery shopping to chopping vegetables or marinading meat or fish.  This allows you to spend your time creating the dishes that your loved ones crave, without any stress.

recipe development:
Our experienced Chefs have detailed knowledge in creating recipes for different clients to cater to their individual tastes, health concerns and dietary restrictions.  They can be hired as consultants to create recipes to suit your needs.  Why not leave it to the experts!

​So whether you have allergies, health concerns or dietary restrictions, and are unsure about how to customise recipes to suit your changing needs, our expert Personal Chefs will work with you to ensure that your restrictions are incorporated into each recipe.

For the foodservice industry, our top Chefs are accustomed to creating recipes for their extensive client base.  So, whether you are starting a restaurant or creating a line of sauces for mass-production, or interested in revamping a tired menu, our professional Chefs can assist you in developing the perfect recipe.

product demonstration service:
Who better than one of our top Chefs to demonstrate your food product or kitchen tool or appliance.  Having a Chef 'endorse' your product will give it an added level of sophistication and credibility.  

Since our top Chefs work with the public every day, they are presentable, articulate and passionate about everything culinary-related. Talk to us about our Seal of Approval program today.

chef instructor/ culinary teaching service:
Our extensive network of top Chefs can plan and conduct culinary classes for your students! Whether in a private setting such as your home, a commercial premises or an educational facility, we will work with you to hire the best candidate for the job.

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