cocktail parties:
Whether for a private or corporate event, the top Chef will
- consult with you to design a custom menu - plan and shop for the event - attend at your home to prepare each menu offering - serve, with assistance of professional wait staff - clean up the kitchen prior to leaving

private barbeques:
For each private barbeque event, the top Chef will 
- consult with you to design a custom menu, whether it be casual or more upscale
- plan and shop for the event
- attend at your home to prepare fresh barbeque items, salads and more
- serve​ your guests
- clean up prior to leaving

menu planning:
An alternative to the Customised Meal Service, where the Chef takes care of all of the steps, from recipe development to freezing the dishes, is the Menu Planning Service.

One of our top Chefs will consult with you and design a weekly or monthly menu to suit your family's food preferences and lifestyle.  This will ensure that all of your groceries are used in a variety of meals that are sure to please, making the most of your finances and time!

No longer will your food be thrown out before you've had a chance to use it!

As part of the service, the Chef will develop the recipes and the shopping list, so that shopping and cooking will be a 'breeze.'

corporate menus:
Our professional Chefs will create a menu that will keep your clients coming back for more - a key component for a successful restaurant. 

​Many of our top Chefs have worked extensively in the restaurant industry, and know how to create menus that work!  Tap into their knowledge to make your menu inspire and surprise!

Top Chef Services

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